About Me

As a student of International Relations, and a jewelry designer; I had a unique opportunity to see people and places from different corners of the globe. For the past ten years those sights, sounds, and experiences inspired me to create unique jewelry that reflects the beauty I see in our world. I strive to add a touch of international unity to all my designs with the hope that others can appreciate the cultural diversity that’s all around us.

As a tribute to my late mother, I will continue creating beautiful things. 

What is Whisper Designs

Jewelry comes in many shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. With an infinite possibility of combinations and styles, we set out to make jewelry that tells your story in your voice, at the right volume. We don’t believe that your pieces should be so loud that it drowns out the rest of your ensemble. It also shouldn’t be so quiet that it struggles to make a statement. Your jewelry should complete your look. 

Striking the right balance between fun, elegance, and personality is our ultimate goal. With the understanding jewelry should be an extension of who you are, we painstakingly craft eclectic  pieces with you in mind.

We’ve been honored to be featured in Boston Fashion Week, Providence Style Week and Raw Artist Boston events. Collaborating with acclaimed designers Jeffrey Dickerson of Rebel Creations and John Dorlean from Koi.

About Whisper Designs